Where Does My Midlothian, VA Home Lose Heat?

All Midlothian, VA homes have areas that contribute to heat loss. It’s best to find and fix those places before winter arrives. Here are three areas of your home that could be responsible for significant heat loss.

Old or Outdated Windows

Windows are possibly the number one location for heat loss. If you have single-pane windows, it’s a guarantee that you’re losing heat. Glass is a poor insulator, and single-pane glass is thinner than some other types of glass.

Storm windows or windows with triple glaze are thicker than single-pane windows. Switching to a thicker type of glass will reduce your heat loss. Another alternative is to cover your window panes with plastic sheets.

The plastic film insulation involves applying plastic sheets to your existing windowpanes. You’ll need a heat source, such as a hair dryer to make the plastic adhere to the windowpane. The plastic film is removable when it’s no longer necessary.

Air Ducts With Damage

Air ducts are responsible for moving heat throughout your home. But when damage occurs, air ducts allow heat to escape before it reaches your rooms. An HVAC heating repair technician can inspect your air ducts and repair or replace them if necessary.

Small Cracks in Doors and Walls<00/h2>

There are usually areas in doors, walls, and windows that allow heat to escape. In some cases, these areas are easy to spot and repair, but often the cracks are too small to see.

A more noticeable source of heat loss is the gap between a door and a floor. A wide gap underneath a door is almost the equivalent of a hole in a wall.

Consider applying caulk to door frames and window joints. You might even consider weatherstripping your windows and doors.

Stop Heat Loss in Your Midlothian, VA Home

Contact Classic Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for help solving heating problems in your home. We can discover areas of heat loss and help with issues such as heating installation and repair.

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