Make Sure to Schedule a Spring Heat Pump Tune-Up in Henrico, VA

For your heat pump to continue running for years to come here in Henrico, VA, you’ll need to have a professional provide an annual tune-up. Remember that a heat pump can last for close to two decades if properly maintained. A heat pump tune-up, especially when done in spring, comes with many benefits, which we’ll discuss below.

No Fear of Breakdowns

It makes sense to call for heat pump maintenance in the spring before temperatures really start to rise because then you can prevent any breakdowns when it’s sweltering outside. A well-maintained heat pump won’t overheat, leak refrigerant or do anything else disruptive; at the most, you may need a minor repair here or there throughout the year, but these won’t stop the system from operating or cost you that much.

Cool Air When You Need It

Poorly maintained heat pumps have a habit of blowing out lukewarm air upon start-up and even during the whole cycle. On account of issues like blocked or leaking vents, they may also leave some rooms warm. With maintenance, though, you prevent all of this and get cool air on demand.

A Decrease in Energy Bills

Heat pumps should ideally run without any obstructions, especially dirt and debris on the filter, on the coils and in the vents. Anything that blocks airflow will add pressure on the system, wearing out the motor sooner and raising the bill even though one’s temperature settings haven’t changed. To prevent this rise in your bill, consider maintenance, which always includes a cleaning of the system.

Contact Classic Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning in Henrico for maintenance; call today to see just how well we can take on this task for you. We have a team of NATE-certified technicians who are comfortable with any make or model of a heat pump.

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