Is It Time for a New Furnace in Midlothian, VA?

Wintertime in Midlothian, VA gets cold, as temperatures routinely drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. With that in mind, it’s important to have a furnace that’s ready to keep you and your loved ones warm. If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably time to have a new furnace installed in your home.

An Old Furnace

No matter how careful you are about scheduling furnace maintenance, your furnace, just like every other appliance in your home, eventually reaches the end of its lifespan. A well-maintained furnace should last somewhere between 15 and 20 years. With that in mind, if your furnace is around two decades old, it’s likely time to start planning on having a new furnace installed.

An Increase in Energy Bills

Even when temperatures reach their lowest, your energy bills should remain around their average monthly amount. However, when your furnace reaches the end of its useful lifespan, you’ll probably notice a significant increase in your monthly utility bills. When a furnace begins to wear out, it simply cannot keep your home warm efficiently.

A Decrease in Performance

Not only does a decrease in efficiency indicate that it’s time for a new furnace, but a decrease in performance means the same thing. While minor problems such as a clogged air filter can lead to diminished performance, a furnace that can’t keep you warm may need replacing. If you notice uneven heating throughout your home, inadequate hot air, or other performance issues, consider upgrading your furnace.

Frequent or Costly Repairs

Finally, if you notice that you’re calling for frequent repairs, it may be time for a new furnace. Depending on the age and warranty status of your furnace, investing in a new furnace may save you money over the long term.

You need a furnace in your home that operates effectively and efficiently. If your current furnace can’t do that, let us help. Contact Classic Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out more about furnace installation and our other heating and cooling services.

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