Does Your Heat Pump Blow Cold Air in Heating Mode in Powhatan, VA?

Heat pumps come in handy for homeowners in Powhatan, VA during winter, as they create a warm and comfortable indoor environment. Unfortunately, there are times when your home may remain cold, even when the heat is on. Discover some possible reasons why your heat pump is blowing old air in heating mode.

The System Is in Defrost Mode

Ice may build up on the outdoor heat pump unit during winter, hindering the unit from absorbing heat from the environment. The heat pump counters this situation by running a defrost cycle to melt the ice. In defrost mode, the system absorbs heat from your house and moves it to the outdoor component to melt the ice.

Since the system removes some heat from your home, your indoor environment may become cold. After the system completes the defrost cycle, it resumes bringing heat into your home.

A Faulty Reversing Valve

A reversing valve is the part that makes heat pumps exceptional. During summer, the valve allows the refrigerant to move heat from your house to the surroundings. During winter, the refrigerant changes the direction of flow and starts bringing in heat from the environment thanks to this component.

A faulty reversing valve fails to change the direction of the refrigerant flow during winter; thus, the refrigerant continues absorbing heat from your house and discarding it. Schedule repair services to have the valve fixed.

A Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter leaves very little space for air to pass through. Consequently, your heat pump only manages to warm a tiny percentage of your indoor air. Replace your air filter often to allow air from your living space to pass freely.

Refrigerant Leaks

A heat pump with low refrigerant levels cannot bring in enough heat to warm your house. Schedule repairs to solve the problem.

Fortunately, our technicians can solve all the issues reducing your system’s capacity to warm your home. Call Classic Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning whenever you are looking for a professional heating services provider.

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